Onboarding new hires is a continuous process for every HR team. Each new hire gains first impressions of the company through HR efforts, and HR also introduces them to the organization’s benefits package, which can often be quite extensive and detailed. It’s a lot to absorb for a new hire.

Benefits Knowledge Fades Over Time

As time passes and jobs become more demanding, knowledge of the organization’s benefits can fade. Many benefits designed to help employees deal with stress, family conflicts, financial planning, and general health are overlooked or under-utilized. This common oversight can lead to excessive time-off, time at work spent dealing with personal issues, or neglected medical care.

Benefits Reorientation Can Boost Employee Engagement and Productivity

Most long-term employees can benefit significantly from a fresh presentation of the organization’s benefit package – which can result in improved employee engagement and productivity. As one HR executive remarked to us,

Because not everyone can be motivated or engaged in the same way, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to benefits reorientation. This means the presentation must be flexible, to allow for personalized one-on-one interaction. Video is another strong component of an effective reorientation, because studies show viewers retain 95% of a video message compared to 10% when reading text.*

Using an interactive video presentation with flexible components means that each employee receives a message that is tailored to the individual and/or department. Reorientation frequently includes an employee survey, which provides HR an opportunity to gain valuable insight into employee thoughts and actions, better equipping HR to conduct targeted communications in the future. A call to action at the end of each meeting gives the employee the next steps to make use of refreshed benefits knowledge.

Enhanced Employee Wellbeing

Counselors make certain to answer all employee questions, confirming their understanding of the presentation. Counselors also present an opportunity to improve the employee’s personal wellbeing by selecting a voluntary benefit selected by their employer, such as long-term care insurance. These benefits are permanent, portable, payroll deducted and cost-free to the employer.

* Idea Rocket study

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