Employee training is important to HR because it increases productivity and performance while reducing waste and accidents. It’s been demonstrated that well-trained employees are more engaged, have improved morale and self-confidence, and they feel more appreciated. But the finest training has little value if employees don’t use it. 

One way to improve the training experience and assure that employees will use it is to employ computer-based training (CBT). However, it’s also true that employees with low motivation or poor computer skills can be at a disadvantage with CBT. How can these problems be overcome? The answer is simple – deliver one-on-one multimedia employee education.

In addition to improving engagement, individualized delivery of training can be combined with distribution of an important company message, all at no cost to the organization. One training manager with CBT in 200 locations was incredibly positive about the value of a one-on-one training approach, especially when combined with a voluntary benefits enrollment. She commented,

                                                   “Any time we can improve our training program without increasing our budget,

                                                      we are interested in taking a closer look.”

After implementation of a flexible, customized multimedia program to reinforce employee training, she was emphatic in her praise of the delivery method, especially since the individualized approach was a logical extension of their original CBT process.

The benefits counselors who met individually with each employee were successful in obtaining their undivided attention without the workflow disruption of large group meetings. In addition, at the end of each session the counselors were able to offer teammates an attractive new voluntary benefit – which allowed the whole program to be delivered at no cost to the organization.

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