Connected employees are engaged and happy. They improve customer satisfaction. And research indicates the turnover rate for connected workers is 31% lower*, which is critical in today’s labor market.

As the world becomes more digital the human connection remains more important than ever. So, what’s the best way to forge and develop a real connection with employees so they feel truly committed to the business? One-on-one communications is the best way to make a genuine connection with employees. It’s personal and their employer connects with an average of 82% of employees.**

The challenge for using one-on-one is lack of understanding. A common reaction, “We connect by providing a lot of communication using the internet and our email messages.” Or “one-on-one employee messaging is too expensive, and it consumes too much time for our busy HR staff.”

While instant messaging and email are popular in today’s digital world, they provide different kinds of connections because they are not as personal. On the other hand, one-on-one personalized messaging is extremely meaningful because individuals connect as intended. It can be cost free and require as little as a couple of hours of HR time, which makes one-on-one a valuable resource for the HR cost center.

Making connections to people, purpose, work and culture creates engaged happy employees. Frequent inclusion of their leader’s message is highly motivating. Compensation and job-related messages are often surprisingly eye opening. Connected employees are more engaged. Companies with the most engaged workers are 17% more productive and 21% more profitable.***

When an employer makes a personal connection with employees, their employees are far more likely to feel invested in the business and want to give their all. They’re also far less likely to leave. And when a long-term care benefit is offered with a genuine explanation many employees take advantage. They are grateful to be able to obtain coverage that has more value than ever in todays rapidly evolving society.

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* According to research by Bersin, ** Based on PCI experience, *** based on a Gallup poll.