Showing the workforce their leaders are really listening to them improves employee engagement levels, boosts morale, increases job satisfaction and improves retention. Employees are commonly listened to in several ways, including online, real-time, and mobile surveys.

Offering a fast and secure way for employees to voice their opinion, empowering leaders with actionable data, makes them feel good about providing candid feedback. Yet, there’s a challenge. When passive, a good survey response is 70% while the average is only 33%, that’s why one-on-one surveys are a good choice.

High quality employee feedback is one of many reasons one-on-one meetings strengthen the employee connection. Often included as part of a multimedia program, there are a variety of survey styles. Employees may respond to questions on a common subject. They may be asked to select, then respond to, one part of a broad subject. Or responses can be recorded as employees respond to their employer’s multimedia message.

Regardless of the survey method, results are always anonymous, whether reported to HR by job classification, department, or location. An average of 82% of employees take part in surveys. A request for their feedback helps employees realize their leader’s care about them and what they think.

Just as employees are motivated by requests for their feedback, they are pleased to have the option of enrolling in a life insurance and long-term care voluntary benefit. Commonly offered over the years, employees appreciate our personal explanation of the benefit as the need for long-term care increases. The bottom-line for employer’s is a stronger employee connection and higher retention. They welcome timely, high-quality employee communications at no cost.

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