Education and making services easy to access from an Employee Assistance Program or a dedicated caregiving website will increase the number of employees who feel empowered to better manage their personal and professional lives. The result will be to boost their organizations performance, productivity and retention.

Employees have a lot on their plate, especially caregivers with considerable responsibility for a loved one, and there’s a good chance their stresses are causing them to be less productive. Caregivers often miss work or simply give up their job due to overwhelming responsibility. And, although programs may be available employees who aren’t familiar with them are less likely to take advantage of the available services.

Some employees suffer from an awareness problem that’s why explaining available support programs during open enrollment is important. Promoting the programs by complementing the open enrollment explanation with one-on-one off-cycle employee meetings will strengthen understanding and use of these important support programs. Employees are not only reminded of availability, but they’ll also gain an understanding of whether the services are of value to them.

An average of 82% of employees take part in these complementary education campaigns and just as they’re motivated by a better understanding of support programs, they are pleased to have the option of enrolling in a voluntary benefit. Employees appreciate the personal explanation of the benefit, especially long-term care, for which many have a personal appreciation. The bottom-line for the employer is a stronger employee connection and higher retention. Employers’ welcome timely, high-quality employee communications at no cost.

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