Workplace communication is the cornerstone for employee motivation, satisfaction, engagement and productivity. When communication is limited to using digital tools and technologies, barriers can have a negative impact. However, digital means of communication is here to stay. Employers are forced to adjust to this new way of working. They have a challenge and a need to better accommodate their employees’ individual communications needs.

Putting People First … in the communications arena means leveraging digital technology to communicate more effectively. Existing communication barriers are reduced when digital is enhanced by hiring a professional firm to conduct one-on-one personal meetings allowing employees to ask questions and make more objective decisions. With better understanding people feel more valued and cared for, they do their work with stronger intrinsic motivation, a deeper sense of meaning, and a greater level of engagement. They go the extra mile simply because they love being part of, and want to contribute to, an organization that cares about them.

Taking Action … to improve the employee workplace journey of learning and development supports HR efforts to attract and retain employees and improve productivity. Increasing efforts to meet the needs of a diverse workforce is an effective means of helping people achieve their personal and work-related goals. When digital tools are enhanced with one-on-one personalized and customized communication it is greeted with a positive workforce response.


Optimizing employee opportunity is a proven method for increasing employee retention. It’s a completely customized and cost-free when offering a voluntary benefit and can be done any time during the year. It provides a real opportunity for employee focus and understanding. It’s a practice that’s been proven during meetings with over 500,000 employees.