The on-line annual open enrollment process enables benefits enrollment efficiency. It’s a starting point for benefit and program use throughout the year. This on-line process augmented by an off-cycle benefits education and reorientation session for each employee can be an integral and valuable part of the process. Off-cycle education or reorientation optimizes education and engagement opportunity and the power of the value of benefits message to employees.


Employees improve understanding … and heighten appreciation that education and engagement in employer provided programs will enhance their knowledge and their use of the benefits, with an impact on their whole family. The off-cycle one-on-one human connection is a number-one driver behind employee learning and engagement during their one-on-one meetings.


Employees grasp individual value … that propels the learner-driven experience as part of one-on-one interactive learning. Employees have access and application to information and data that applies to them personally. Interactive relevancy allows each employee to direct their attention to the issues that matter most to them and their family, depending upon their position, age, personal and family situation, etc.


The support provided by a PCI benefits counselor provides human contact and interaction to help the employee jump over any learning hurdles in their path. Employees gain a greater understanding of the individual value their employer provides. When communication is personalized, accessible, and relevant to individual needs it’s retained.


PCI clients avoid the “one-size-fits-all” training focus. The critical role the learner plays in one-on-one interaction has been effective with over 500,000 employees because it increases engagement and retention. Delivered with a smooth transition to a voluntary benefit selected by the employer, communication is always customized and cost free.


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