Annual open enrollment is one of the few times employees can make changes to their employer provided benefits. Today’s tools are aimed at distilling a complex array of benefit choices into a more understandable format. But how about an employee’s ability to be heard? There is simply no time for employee feedback during open enrollment, however feedback can be obtained off-cycle, when all those benefits have been selected.


It’s all about people … Clear communication, including asking for employee feedback, is paramount to business success, but it can be challenging. Even with open door policies employees often feel they can’t really express themselves for fear of embarrassment or reprisal. That’s why support from the leadership team is essential. When the CEO or a senior leader reaches out to convey the importance of an employee engagement survey it works well.


Confidentiality is key … Many employees are hesitant to speak up at work. They need to be assured that their survey responses will be kept completely confidential. Giving employees reassurance, freedom, and security to present their honest opinions without worrying about negative consequences assures an outstanding survey response rate.


A survey is often integrated into a custom employer directed PCI interactive education program. Questions relating to a  subject important to the organization heighten employee engaged. Confidentiality is assured. A video clip of their leader explaining the reasons for, and importance of, the message and feedback maximizes employee involvement.


Traditional one-on-one employee meetings have proven value in terms of boosting employee understanding. Their use is magnified by employee ease and willingness when it comes to completing a survey. Always delivered with a smooth transition to a voluntary benefit, selected by the employer, communication is customized and cost free.

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