Employee orientation or onboarding is a systematic approach to integrate new employees. Human resource helps employees become educated and productive faster, keep turnover lower and increase understanding and engagement.

Do the valuable benefits of new employee orientation fade for employees who have been with the company for one, five, ten or twenty years? Is longevity the only factor? Have benefits offerings changed since their on-boarding occurred? Every employee, whether long-term or relatively new, senior or rank-and-file, reacts to change with a view as differently as their personality. That’s why re-orientation is so valuable. It gives everyone a chance to reconnect by reinforcing key elements of their continually evolving benefits, programs, and company orientation.

Mission or direction … is reinforced with a positive affect on many employees. People need to change how they think before they genuinely change their behavior. Refreshing appreciation for their evolving and vibrant organization helps.

Individual contributions … and their significance to company success can be pointed out. When people understand the vital role they play, there is more engagement, less absenteeism and higher productivity. When people know their work is important and appreciated it contributes to continued success.

Leadership appreciation … is demonstrated as their business leader reconnects, on video, to express appreciation for every employee’s contribution to success. The chief executive’s personal message engenders feelings of being valued, it motivates employees that their leader really cares, taking the time to express respect for their contributions.

Re-orientation is appreciated by employees’ anytime. A mid-year presentation has been successful with over half a million employees as part of a voluntary benefits enrollment. Never presented as “one-size-fits-all,” PCI benefits counselors’ help employees answer questions. Delivered with a smooth transition to a voluntary benefit, selected by the employer, communication is always customized and cost free.

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