In today’s fast paced world, it’s common to consider “assisted versus unassisted communications.” It’s also common to only use unassisted communication. After all, unassisted technology is readily available, and often more convenient. So, why use, or even consider assisted communication?

Assisted communication is vital because it affords employees a better opportunity to understand, appreciate and engage in new and changing benefits. And just as important, assisted employee messaging enables the employer to deliver information about organizational issues and changes that can have a direct impact on productivity and retention.

The value of assisted messaging is a vital factor in PCI’s ability to meet one-on-one with hundreds of thousands of employees. A client HR officer sums up the value of assisted communications. “At first glance one-on-one sessions might sound disruptive but they are not. The importance of one-on-one meetings is that 86% of our employees actually see and hear our message. PCI meetings help to empower our employees to think and act like an owner and solve problems like an owner.  The tone of the message helps employees understand how our company stands out from the competition.”

Appreciation for the dual advantages of using both unassisted and assisted communication is a deciding factor for many clients when choosing PCI as an assisted communication resource. Deliberately involving and engaging employees with their employer’s custom interactive multimedia and interface with a PCI Benefits Counselor, reduces turnover and enhances understanding. By delivering the employer clients message as the central part of a voluntary benefits campaign both employee security and job appreciation are increased … it’s all about each individual employee!

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