Making benefits personal.

One Life At a Time.

Founded in 1999, Personal Communications, Inc. is a national leader in providing high-value, cost-effective employee engagement education.

Our organization was created in response to employer frustrations surrounding the lack of participation in high quality benefits such as 401(k) plans. Our founders were confident that more employees would participate if they better understood the personal value of the programs and benefits available through their employers. Over the past decades, we have proven that when employees clearly understand how these benefits can improve their individual lives, participation increases dramatically.  This spawned the one-on-one personal delivery strategy.

As a result, we have grown dramatically, serving employer-clients with up to 30,000 employees each, spread over as many as 30 states. Today, our model has shifted to helping brokers and advisers bring added value to their existing employer-clients. It has also provided a competitive advantage for them to help establish new client relationships. Seamlessly integrated into employee education, we offer enrollment services for voluntary benefits, a service that research has proven increases employee retention and productivity.

Regardless of company size, we deploy our proprietary Communications Management System (CMS) through trained counselors to meet one-on-one with each employee. Our interactive engagement approach recognizes culture, structure, and business practices to make for a smooth employee education experience. And it provides tremendous value, productivity, and employee peace of mind without adding cost or burdening internal resources.

Personal Communications, Inc. offers customized interactive engagement programs on a simple fee-for-service basis, or at no cost when bundling a voluntary benefit enrollment with an engagement message. Advances in our  programs and processes provide flexibility that makes it possible for more employees and employers to reap the benefits of continuous coverage.

We personally engage each employee — helping them overcome fears and concerns that might otherwise lead to inaction.