Making Benefits Personal

Our mission for inspiring employee understanding and use of benefits.

Employers are always looking for better ways to improve employee satisfaction and retention and nothing works better than making benefits personal. Increasing understanding and engagement in benefits, safety, and wellness programs with each employee – individually – can significantly boost financial wellness, job satisfaction, and retention.

While the challenge can be overwhelming for overworked HR departments PCI is dedicated to assisting as a strategic HR resource. We’ve developed a solution that reduces the burden on HR staffs without increasing cost or causing disruption. Our business model helps employees embrace their benefits after open enrollment. We work with our clients to schedule an off-cycle “Employee Education Campaign,” which takes place during the eleven months following open enrollment.

During a 21-minute meeting each employee gains a personal understanding of a benefit or program, selected by their employer, which dramatically improves engagement. They’ll also learn about a voluntary benefit and how it can close a gap in their individual benefits picture and protect their family’s financial future.

Employees obtain their benefits during open enrollment and gain an understanding of benefit use and value during their education meeting. Beyond being cost free the biggest HR advantage is increased return on the huge investment in employee benefits. Now, one of the largest expenses, at about 30 percent of employee compensation, benefits will produce intended results. Reduced health costs, less absenteeism and fewer financial worries will increase employee commitment and productivity.

Optimize Opportunity and Free Employee Decision Fatigue

In today’s fast paced world, it’s common to consider “assisted versus unassisted communications.” It’s also common to only use unassisted communication. After all, unassisted technology is readily available, and often more convenient. So, why use, or even consider...

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Optimize Opportunity with a Valuable Timely Reminder

Employee orientation or onboarding is a systematic approach to integrate new employees. Human resource helps employees become educated and productive faster, keep turnover lower and increase understanding and engagement. Do the valuable benefits of new employee...

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Optimize Opportunity by Connecting Response Ability

Annual open enrollment is one of the few times employees can make changes to their employer provided benefits. Today’s tools are aimed at distilling a complex array of benefit choices into a more understandable format. But how about an employee's ability to be heard?...

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Optimize Opportunity with Proven Personalization

The on-line annual open enrollment process enables benefits enrollment efficiency. It’s a starting point for benefit and program use throughout the year. This on-line process augmented by an off-cycle benefits education and reorientation session for each employee can...

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Optimize Opportunity by Merging Communications Tools

Workplace communication is the cornerstone for employee motivation, satisfaction, engagement and productivity. When communication is limited to using digital tools and technologies, barriers can have a negative impact. However, digital means of communication is here...

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As Resignations Soar Jog Memories for Results

Challenge … Adding expensive employer paid benefits or programs to retain employees and boost retention increases costs and complexity, and what happens when the market changes and a decision is made to take them away? Solution … Every employer has the ability to...

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Great Results with a Genuine Employee Connection

Connected employees are engaged and happy. They improve customer satisfaction. And research indicates the turnover rate for connected workers is 31% lower*, which is critical in today’s labor market. As the world becomes more digital the human connection remains more...

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