CDHP programs help your employees choose the best plan for their individual situations. CDHP helps employees become better healthcare consumers because it allows them to control costs by acquiring better healthcare at a better price. Whether you’re introducing a CDHP, or targeting increased participation in a current CDHP, your Personal Communications program has the proven ability to help you maximize health plan value.

Program Content


The CHDP can be introduced to employees in an education program prior to open enrollment, or used as a long-term solution to rising healthcare costs.


An animated plan comparison clarifies structure, terms and costs. The presentation can assuage fears of increased out-of-pocket costs that can be offset with an optional Critical Illness benefit.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness presentations provide a reminder that prevention improves quality of life and can minimize healthcare costs. Preventive care incentives included in an optional Critical Illness benefit can reinforces health & wellness.

Healthcare Consumerism

Healthcare consumption decisions are presented interactively with TRUE & FALSE questions and responses that explain or reinforce answers.

Personal Scenarios

Each employee’s historical and estimated medical expenses are projected to compare their present plan with the CDHP enabling the best decision.


Employees receive a personal handout of scenarios to share with their spouses and use as a guide for use during open enrollment.