Dependent Verification programs offer a proven, employee-friendly approach to identifying individuals who are not eligible for coverage. This screening helps employer organizations realize savings up to 10% as ineligible employees are removed from the plan. Contact us today for details on how you can engage us for dependent verification.

Program Content

Financial Security

The introduction reminds employees of the cost pressures in today’s society with reassurance that their employer understands.

Healthcare Costs

A highly animated illustration of rising health care costs and the implication that rising health care costs could threaten the value of the benefits package.

Total Compensation

It’s explained that total compensation includes benefits with a “head-up” that they will receive a personal statement and can add an optional benefit.

Dependent Clarification

An illustration of the how unqualified dependents are an expensive burden for all employees and a quiz to help clarify dependent eligibility.

Dependent Verification

Amnesty is explained and employees are guided through electronic affidavits as they clarify the status of their dependents.