Who has the time for one-on-one benefits meetings with every single employee?


PCI helps brokers and advisers deepen their relationships with employer-clients beyond core benefits. That means a healthier ROI for both your business and your employers’. Voluntary benefits provide high value for your business, your employers, and their employees.

Our unique one-on-one employee awareness counseling program provides all the effectiveness of personal communications with none of the work or associated cost.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Your employer-client chooses the most important story to communicate to employees, such as 401(k), safety, wellness, retirement, or total compensation programs
  2. We develop a 21-minute one-on-one session with professional interactive multimedia to engage each employee
  3. We include our voluntary benefits education and enrollment services


That’s all there is to it. No cost, no disruption. Just the deeper bonding among you, your client, and their employees.

We integrate employee census data into our multimedia presentation to personalize scenarios and illustrations to each employee during one-on-one meetings. Interactive multimedia and live counselor presentation provides the ultimate education platform for learning and making informed decisions.

Our data-driven reporting gives you and your clients the information you need to continuously improve the outcomes of your benefits communications programs.