The Personal Communications Team

Frank Shimsky

President & CEO

Frank  joined Creditor Resources in 1973 with the original assignment of opening the Canadian market for the company. Upon returning to the U.S. in 1978, Frank became Vice President of Sales and Marketing and was appointed President and CEO in 1980. Frank left this $85,000,000 wholly owned subsidiary of Aegon USA in 1987 to pursue the development of employee communications. He founded PCI in 1999 to accelerate the development, sale, and implementation of interactive employee communications. Since its formation, Frank has lead Personal Communications, Inc. to become the Benefits Industry leader in one-on-one interactive multimedia communications.

Sudhir Dandale

Manager, Information Technology

Sudhir joined KPIT Cummins in Pune India in 2004, beginning his carrier as a programmer, after receiving his bachelor degree at SSGMCE Shegoan. In 2007 he joined TCS, a leading IT company. After a year at TCS, he accepted an opportunity to work with Driver Department Service of GA (DDS) as lead programmer. At DDS, Sudhir worked as full stack lead developer on all projects with several clients, including the Department of Social Security in South Carolina, Inmar, HP, and UPS. His work included public, automotive, pharmaceutical, logistics, and shipping domains. Throughout his career, Sudhir developed expertise in the full development life cycle including project planning, migration, implementation, enhancement and production support with agile & waterfall methodologies. His responsibilities have spanned object-oriented design & analysis, data modeling and designing,,, VB.Net and MVC &.Net. Sudhir has worked extensively with framework architecture & design patterns, web services, Java scripts, html, CSS and Microsoft technologies such as Office, Visual Studio and SQL Server.

Edita Ghosh

Project Administrator

Edita has been in the business of building relationships since an early age, when she graduated with a teaching degree in her native country of Lithuania. She honed those skills as an effective and successful elementary school teacher. After immigrated to the United States to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Georgia State University, graduating in 2010, Edita joined us in 2013 as a Project Administrator. Edita’s responsibilities include maintenance of important corporate records and coordinating time-sensitive project support functions. Edita also conducts project survey and follow-up benefit calls that are important to obtaining customer feedback. These critical functions enable Personal Communications a track record of continuous improvement in providing excellent customer service to our clients.

Cliff E. Porch

Vice President, Project Services

Cliff devoted ten years providing project management to the oil and gas industry before entering the insurance industry in 1989. His initial focus on individual benefits, group benefits and pension programs evolved to a specialization in the design of national benefits communications and enrollment. Cliff perfected his operational expertise through extensive field management of complex employee communications projects. His project management background and leadership skills have been instrumental in the development and implementation of our proprietary interactive communications and IT management systems. Cliff’s leadership in the implementation of Personal Communications’ interactive employee communications is responsible for its high level of success in 401(k) participation, customer service improvement, and health insurance cost improvement.

Edwina Kucharz

Audio Producer and Editor

Edwina began her career in employee engagement as an employee of a large national grocery retailer while still in college. Edwina joined Personal Communications  in 2002 just prior to graduating from Kennesaw State University with a B.A. in Marketing. Before assuming responsibility for creative multimedia development, she was trained in our exclusive one‐on‐one employee employee engagement approach.  Edwina’s role as Manager of Multimedia Creation encompasses a broad range of responsibilities, including audio production and editing. Edwina’s liaison between the client and production team is a critical ingredient of the quality and customization of PCI programs.