Close protection gaps with Voluntary Benefits.

Voluntary benefits close protection gaps that can remain between core benefits. Unlike other types of benefits, voluntary benefits are portable so they stay with employees, even if they switch employers. Through our highly-rated national carrier partnerships, Personal Communications, Inc. enrolls  four lines of voluntary benefits that are highly valued by employees:

Accident Insurance

helps employees manage expenses associated with accidental injury that may not be covered by core benefits

Disability Insurance

can help protect employee financial security by replacing part of their paycheck when they’re disabled and unable to work.

Critical Illness Insurance

can help provide immediate financial relief from expenses associated with a serious illness, such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer.

Long-term Care

is a continuum of medical and social services that support the everyday needs of people living with chronic health problems, including traditional medical services, social services, and housing.

Life Insurance

provides a safety net for employees to continue providing for their loved ones even if they’re not around.

Contact Personal Communications, Inc. or your employer to learn more about how to enroll.