Wellness programs first help employees understand why they have difficulty living a more healthy lifestyle. Then the program identifies where these employees are within the process of changing their lifestyle. Finally, they present the advantages of coaching to help them plan and change.

Our wellness program can be instrumental in helping your organization get greater value from CDHPs and more engagement in Wellness Programs.

Program Content


Wellness is introduced by emphasizing benefits of good health and cost savings in relation to a CDHP and/or a Wellness Program.


Empathy is demonstrated by acknowledging that proper diet and exercise is not easy. But there is help and to use it you must know where you are.

Stage of Change

Employees are taken through an interactive process to help them understand and select their “stage of change” increasing the chance of engagement.

Coaching Assistance

The connection between using a coach and planning is made and applied based on each employee’s personal “stage of change.”


Employees are shown how changing high risk behaviors reduces the risk of preventable illness helping them live healthier lives and save money.